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Nevada Hay Growers

Nevada Hay Growers is an agricultural marketing cooperative and has been active in hay marketing since 1970.  Our purpose, in general terms, is to market our member's products in a timely manner at a price which both reflects current market conditions and is satisfactory to both our members and customer.  We feel our organization inherently holds a strong position advantage in price, timely payment, and movement.

Member charges for marketing service include a $5.00 per ton marketing fee and a revolving fund fee which equates to 3% of the members gross sales.  Our operating expenses are deducted from the marketing fee and the balance is returned to the our growers annually.  The revolving fund fee is retained and returned to the members on a 3 year repayment schedule.  Grower payments and monthly account statements are provided to each member with documentation of each load shipped. 

Nevada Hay Growers owns a certified public scale and we weigh our member's products at a discount.  Hay insurance is included to all Association members.

New membership is accepted during the months of May and June.  There is a one time non-refundable application fee of $20.00.  This fee is payable before the board of directors will review any application.