Nevada Hay Growers

Squeeze Loading

Nevada Hay Growers is please to announce the recent purchase of a new 2018 Hay Hog squeeze. Please contact our office at

 775-463-2325 for pricing and availability.

SERVICE AREAS include: Yerington, Smith Valley, Coleville,  Gardnerville/Minden, Dayton, Reno, Fallon, and Schurz. 

SQUEEZE SERVICES include:  Barn storage, Stack preparation for tarping, and Hay truck loading/unloading.

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Made locally by one of our growers, Nevada Hay Growers is proud to offer our customers alfalfa or cereal mix cubes (85% alfalfa 15% wheat or grass). 

Effective April 1, 2018 all bagged cubes (50lb bags, 1000lb or 2000lb tote)will be purchased through Nevada Onion office located at 61 Bowman Ln.  Bagged cube loading hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm. Closed for lunch from 11:45am-1:15pm.  Closed Saturday and Sundays.

Large quantity/specialty orders require up to 7-10 business days notice, please order by calling Nevada Onion at 775-463-3642.

Bulk cube loading hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 4:45pm, Closed for lunch from 11:45am-1:15pm; Saturdays hours are 8:00am - 12:00pm. No orders will be accepted after 11:45am on Saturdays; Closed on Sunday. 

Current Cube Prices:
$220.00 per ton bulk-cereal mix

$250.00 per ton bulk-straight alf

$250.00 - 2000 lb. tote - cereal mix

$270.00 - 2000 lb. tote - straight alf

$130.00 - 1000 lb. tote - cereal mix

$150.00 - 1000 lb tote - straight alf

$7.50 per 50 lb. bag / $300.00 per ton (40 bags per ton) - cereal mix

$8.00 per 50lb. bag / $320.00 per ton (40 bags per ton) - straight alf
All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.


Certified Public Scale

Nevada Hay Growers Certified Public Scale is located at 41 S. Hwy 339 Yerington, NV 89447.  Office hours are: 

Monday thru Friday from 6:00am - 800pm

Saturdays 8:00am - 4:00pm

Closed on Sunday and all Major Holidays. 

NHGA will be closed at 5:00pm on December 24th  and closed December 25th / December 26th / January 1st.

Whether you're weighing a load of hay, onions, lettuce, metal or just curious about what your vehicle weighs the staff at NHGA can help!

Weight Certificate Charges (CASH ONLY):
$10.00 for Certified Weigh-master Certificate
$10.00 for Certified Axle (1st weigh)
$2.00 for each additional Certified Axle

(must be weighed in a 24 hr. period)

Hay Barn

In need of one bale or twenty the Hay Growers

self-serve hay barn offers horse quality alfalfa and/or alfalfa/grass mix year round.  All customers are required to weigh.

Current Hay Barn Prices:
$290.00 per ton - Alfalfa
$315.00 per ton - Grass/Alfalfa Mix
All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.